Boston straight Pride Parade success


Message received from the Super Happy Fun America folks!!!

Copy and pasted below is the email I received. It contains vital information that I believe all caring patriots should be aware of. The tyrannical elite-owned media will do all it can to make patriots appear to be evil while making the evil forces of tyranny rampaging throughout the USA appear to be good and pro-USA. NO!!! Tyranny has immense power and wealth and control many monolithic corporations that operate many major propaganda/indoctrination systems within the USA. Everything below the line is the email I received that I believe was part of a mass mailing.


Super Happy Fun America’s Boston straight pride parade yesterday was a “Yuge” success for our movement.  Milo was fabulous riding atop the Trump Unity bridge. We thank the hundreds of supporters who came to show solidarity with us, many of whom were engaging in activism for the first time in their lives! We had a stellar lineup of speakers at City Hall, with a rocking sound system for everyone to hear their point of view. We also had two live musical performances including GNotes and his “Straight Pride rap.”

It is clear who is tolerant in Boston, and who is not.  The media reported that there were 34 arrests and 4 BPD officers injured.  Fake news outlets claim it isn’t clear which side the arrests were on.  Those interested in the truth would research and find that the sole source of violence and unrest was at the hands of so-called ‘tolerant’ protesters. From the beginning we have said that all who show mutual respect are welcome in our movement. Yet the mainstream media, corporations, Democratic politicians, and protesters continue to lie about us.

In anticipation of arrests, protesters set up a bail fund in advance of the parade. Both Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley shared it and sent words of encouragement to the protestors. We now have Democratic politicians condoning criminal acts designed to prevent others from exercising their First Amendment rights. Mayor Marty Walsh virtue-signaled via Twitter about how ‘tremendous’ of a role Boston plays in the Civil Rights movement, as if we are not a part of the fight for universal human rights. Tis a dark place our country is heading when another person’s point of view is not tolerated to the point of initiating violence to silence them. Super Happy Fun America is truly a modern civil-rights movement, and our voices will be heard!

Many in the media along with prominent people such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continue to insist that our parade espoused white supremacy and was for straight, white males.  Of the twelve speakers on our stage, five were African American, four were women, and three were African American women.  Milo, our grand marshal, is gay.  The only connections to racism and bigotry are in the deluded minds of protesters who all repeat the same mantra against those with whom they disagree. They cannot win on an intellectual level, so they resort to name-calling.

Many people criticize our movement as a waste of taxpayer money. We must consider the money spent in Boston as an investment; a small price to pay to protect the Constitution and free speech. If we lose the values enshrined in our Bill of Rights, the costs to everyone will be much greater than what we witnessed this weekend.  Also, the expense is due solely to the actions of Antifa and other hate groups, and not our actions.

BPD was polite and professional, and we thank them for putting their bodies between us and the violent protesters. We are a non-violent group and BPD deserves commendation for enforcing the law in a professional manner. At the same time, searches were extremely intrusive and communications between leadership and officers on the ground appeared to be lacking. Many of our supporters were disappointed that they could not attend the event due to BPD’s unwillingness to allow them entry. We are reaching out to people who were denied access in order to document their stories.  One of our main speakers, Dr. Felecia Nace, was told by authorities that our event was ‘cancelled’.  It appears that Mayor Walsh’s politics had an impact on BPD’s tactics.  Whether the Mayor directed this or not, the right to peacefully assemble and engage in free expression was infringed upon.

Facebook shut down our page the night before the event with no notice or reason. We believe the institutional stonewalling of our movement is very damaging.  We will investigate every avenue possible to hold multi-billion-dollar corporations accountable for their actions. Our page was magically restored after the parade concluded. We believe Facebook took down Super Happy Fun America’s page because our message is not part of their politically correct agenda, and the timing was designed to inflict maximum damage.

We direct those who are interested in our movement to check out the website www.SuperHappyFunAmerica.com, and stay tuned for future events. We are building the infrastructure for other chapters to open up across the country, and the world. We also would like to remind people that “It’s Christmas, not Happy Holidays”.

Reach out to us by phone or email if you would like additional comment.  Thank you for your interest in our movement!

Our mailing address is:
Super Happy Fun America8 Main St
Salisbury, MA 01952-1201

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