No Raids – Close The Camps – Abolish ICE! Grand Central NYC


“First up, a view from the LEFT. “Join Rise and Resist in a silent protest inside the main hall at Grand Central Station. We will bring our NO RAIDS/CLOSE THE CAMPS/ABOLISH ICE banners, photographs of the children who have died in ICE custody, and photographs of the detention camps.””

A minute portion of the more severe crimes illegal alien invaders commit is tallied at Illegal Alien Crime Report:

Illegal Alien Crime Report

Those feel-good leftists apparently do not consider the impact of illegal alien invasion and excessive legal immigration has upon the working-poor classes who often pay 50% and MORE of their wage for rent alone. Twenty-MILLION illegal aliens and a MILLION more legal entrants yearly constantly drives up demand for rental houses and demand results in ever-growing rental costs. Then the excess labor supply keeps wages at a minimum.

Those leftists are SPITTING upon the USA’s lowest classes. Maybe a face-to-face confrontation between those snowflake leftists and work-hardened blue-collar laboring folks would make a confrontation worth recording and showing on prime-time TV. May the toughest hardiest folks win. My bet is on the spit-upon folks. Hope the leftists have excellent medical insurance.

No Raids – Close The Camps – Abolish ICE! Grand Central NYC


These Marxists want open borders. As a billion then more enter the USA is destroyed. These leftists are proving themselves to be traitors to We, the People.







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