California sheriff blasts ‘folks in Sacramento’ after illegal immigrant allegedly shoots deputy, sparks chase


“A California sheriff is calling for immigration reform in his state after he says sanctuary city policies freed a violent illegal immigrant who went on to shoot a police officer and lead cops on a wild, high-speed chase. Guadalupe Lopez-Herrara, 51, was taken into custody Thursday, a day after the Merced County’s Sheriff’s Office says Lopez-Herrara shot a deputy attempting to arrest him for allegedly violating a restraining order, FOX26 reported.”

The 4-million or so illegal alien invaders infesting California alone will have a percentage of them committing heinous crimes such as shooting people. The deputy is lucky to be alive. Since those invading barbarians ARE going to commit felonies against USA citizens anyway it is is my heartfelt wish, desire and hope that the only victims of those barbarians are politicians and bureaucrats that are assisting the illegal alien invaders with invading and, once inside California, doing all they can to assist them with remaining.

Traitors to We, the People. When is the USA military going to send in 30 divisions of well-armed and supported troops to seize all citizens suspected of being traitors and send them to military tribunals for a trial? All found guilty of aiding & abetting one or more illegals and/or of treason needs a minimum sentence of 20-years at HARD-LABOR under military control. Especially evil citizens such as Pelosi need life sentences and total confiscation of ALL assets with the money used to clear out the invaders and do what needs doing to make the USA a sovereign country again.

California sheriff blasts ‘folks in Sacramento’ after illegal immigrant allegedly shoots deputy, sparks chase

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