The social justice warriors came for my head. Not only did I survive, I’m thriving


“Indeed, you haven’t lived until you’ve been burned in effigy”

If you are a patriot and make that state of being obvious to others you place yourself in possible danger. The news is full of reports about folks verbally and/or physically attacked for wearing a Trump-supporting hat or shirt or carrying a sign declaring patriot values in a march or a multitude of other places and situations. The liberal/leftist/Marxist/criminal/etc cohorts have proven themselves to be far more violent and abusive than the norm for USA folks.

Attacks can be against your profession or business or your person. When I wear one of my President Trump t-shirts in public places I am frequently complimented by other patriots. Most folks ignore me. Another cohort, mostly female with a few males in the mix, have yet to make a verbal comment but the stares and glares of hatred are made purposefully obvious.

I wonder if I was a small, skinny, wimpy fellow if any of the folks expressing non-verbally their anger about my pro-Trump apparel would toss in a few or more words or possibly even a punch or even an all-out assault? No way to know since decades of hard physical labor and military training and strenuous activities of the outdoors type has crafted an obviously fit male capable of inflicting damage if required. Maybe a fit honed opponent lays in my future. If so, I will do my damnedest to defeat my enemy!!!

A few friends have asked me if I am scared to wear the shirts in public stating that I could be physically attacked. Nope, not scared. Just alert to my surroundings and prepared to defend myself. I wonder if the leftists and others fear for their safety if they wear apparel offensive to patriots, conservatives, etc? If those folks are being assaulted as Trump supporters are assuredly the elite-owned tyrannical anti-Trump news media would latch onto those reports and mention them repeatedly. Have you seen or heard of any?

Patriots, if you are involved now or become involved in the future with actively fighting the growing threats to We, the People, the USA and Western civilization read the linked-to article. It is not your sole source of information on what to possibly expect from our enemies and how to deal with them. There is advice all over the Web. Look here, look there, look everywhere!!! Knowledge is power. Prepare yourselves, patriots.


The social justice warriors came for my head. Not only did I survive, I’m thriving. | The College Fix

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