WATCH: Ilhan Omar Calls For UN To Govern Southern Border!


“Ilhan Omar took time from her busy schedule of breaking campaign finance laws and sleeping with married men to give a speech in front of her constituents in Minnesota. During the speech Omar claimed we are an immoral country and should give up our sovereign rights to the United Nations. Ilhan Omar who is clearly standing on solid moral high grounds by marrying her brother, sleeping with married men, breaking campaign finance laws, and supporting terrorists feels the need to lecture the rest of us on morality.”

Back!!! Back to Somalia you horrible wench!!! BE GONE!!!!


WATCH: Ilhan Omar Calls For UN To Govern Southern Border! | Preserve Conservative Values





Ilhan Omar Somali congress Moslem



Somalis Somalia rape traitor enemy Moslem Islam



Minnesota refugees swear loyalty to ISIS Somalis Somalia traitor



Somalis Somalia Islam Moslem welfare IQ barbarian




Somali Somalia Moslem Islam traitor barbarian



Moslem Islam welfare family



Ilhan Omar Moslem Congress Islam traitor 911



New World Order slaves warriors



warrior patriot military veteran armed forces combat USA America



stay strong war coming patriot USA America



USA America out of UN United Nations

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