Beating the War Drums – American Greatness



“Tarrio told me he was in constant contact with a Portland police liaison for a month before the event. But in the days before the rally, police claimed they had no contact with organizers. Tarrio’s police liaison claimed she had no idea why her superiors feigned ignorance and said she got the run around for bringing it up. “Antifa,” one officer told Tarrio, “has their hands in everything.”

Antifa smuggled in concrete slabs to break up and hurl at the Patriot Prayer supporters. Black-clad thugs encircled, threatened, and chased rally-goers. Portland police arrested nearly a dozen left-wing militants, a small victory that rally organizers attributed to media attention and a tweet by President Trump: “Portland is being watched very closely.””

Where are the New Founders to assist USA patriots with properly and adequately preparing for the assaults against freedom that are steadily increasing by the forces of evil?

Beating the War Drums – American Greatness

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