GOP group removes post calling congresswomen “Jihad Squad” (Naughty language warning for this post)


“An Illinois Republican group has apologized and removed from its Facebook page a post that showed images of four Democratic congresswomen who have been criticized by President Donald Trump and referred to them as the “Jihad Squad.” The post appeared Friday night on the Republican County Chairman’s Association page. The Chicago Tribune reported that it showed images of Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib on a poster. It said: “Political jihad is their game,” and “If you don’t agree with their socialist ideology, you’re racist.”

The four congresswomen sometimes refer to themselves as the “squad.” Mark Shaw, president of the GOP group, condemned what he called an “unauthorized” post and apologized to anyone who was offended. Trump harshly criticized progressive members of Congress without identifying them by name, tweeting that they should go back to where they came from. All four are U.S. citizens and only Omar was born in a foreign country.”

The following is a comment I included with the link to this story at a message board inhabited by adult males who lack the social graces required to be a snowflake that tend to run and hide in their safe-place when confronted by thoughts or ideas that are outside the Marist and/or leftist ideologies implanted within the feeble minds.


Read the fucking comments across the Web. There is a HUGE HERD of pissed off fuckers ready to go to war to end the damn madness. The tyrannical media will never give a clue to how large and angry America’s warrior class has become.

A great purging is required.

No more fucking apologies. Perhaps a few FUCK YOU!!!!!! with middle-finger extended at the end of one arm and a hand grenade or rifle held aloft in the other.

Imagine the fun at a presidential rally where the candidate who is fed up with bullshit holds his rifle aloft and 50,000 attendees do the same as do the 250,000 outside surrounding the complex doing the same and at hundreds of towns and cities across the USA with many MILLIONS of patriots watching the rally on BIG-screen TVs shout out their support and the weaponry is held aloft for all to see.

I have doubts that Antifa will be assaulting any attendees of THOSE rallies.

I wonder if the tyrannical media will remain mute out of fear of angering those folks ready to engage in civil war to destroy the hostile forces spitting upon We, the People?


GOP group removes post calling congresswomen “Jihad Squad”

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