The Cause of the Second Civil War in America



“At the time of its dissolution, the USSR had a large standing army trained to defend its borders and protect its people. What it did not have was a large standing police force ever ready to attack the populace. The U.S. has created (thank you George W. Bush) the Department of Homeland Security in the wake of the bombing of the twin towers, to combat terrorism. The DHS has morphed (thank you Janet Napolitano) into the largest and most secretive semi-autonomous security force in the world. It is armed with the latest personal defense weapons and is constantly emptying the inventory of ammunition manufacturers to increase its cache of bullets—for what? Perhaps an invasion by the Al Qaeda National Army?

The DHS has armored troop carriers with bullet-proof tires to transport thousands of Kevlar-wrapped personnel who are ready, willing and happy to menace us like RoboCops. The DHS is monitoring our emails and phone calls, watching our movement with drones. Give them a half-ass excuse, and they will be searching your home without a warrant, as they did in Watertown, Massachusetts in April 2013. This demonstration of force-of-arms is, in a very scary sense, a private army belonging to the people who are the recipients of the largess of the welfare wealth transfer programs.

Don’t think for one second that the representatives of these people would hesitate to sic their dogs of the poverty war on you if you dared to resist your necessary contribution to the toxic dump. You see, they have no choice; they cannot survive without you, without affirmative action and set-aside programs. They have no meaningful middle-class work (apart from jobs created by the federal government) to support themselves and their babies’ mommas and their drug habits, and their hip-hop trash music, and their ever-changing choice of the latest roundball sneakers. They own no personal property that they might barter for food. They own no real property that they might sell to raise cash in order to go grocery shopping.

We’ve all heard that some groups of people are “givers” and some are “takers.” But who are the takers and who are the givers? When we consider the taxes paid versus the consumption of government services of all kinds, those groups who are givers and those who are takers are clearly seen through the optics of race. White people per capita contribute by the payment of taxes an average of +$2,795 per year. That’s a net plus. On the other hand, Blacks and Hispanics per capita contribute <$17,314>. This means that Blacks and Hispanics take out of the economy $17, 314 more per capita than they put in with taxes paid. This, of course, creates a short fall that has to be made up by other people or corporations, the givers, who pay more taxes than they might otherwise owe because of the deficit generated by the takers. A stark way to word this is as a counterfactual: but for the presence of Blacks and Hispanics, the U.S. would have a budget surplus each year.  All they have is you, and your toil, and your sweat, and your tax payments.”

A lengthy essay that will assuredly be interpreted in many ways. An academic-minded person could conceivably spend hours going through the article point-by-point and show errors in logic and rationality. Another academic will likely find points that are in agreement with reality.

I place the essay here because it is a bit outside the norm and because it sides with White folks in a few ways. Something that is increasingly rare among the articles and essays I read. I have noticed an increase in White-bashing that encompasses what I label an ongoing war against White civilization with a goal to end nationalism and have open borders so that everybody can flood into Western countries thus destroying them.

Along with invading the West some cohorts want to install a one-world government. What else do those tyrannical elites and their lackeys assisting them want to do to seize power over the masses of common folks? Elites already control economic systems and use and abuse those systems to their advantage. Tyrants control monolithic corporations that operate indoctrination systems such as media and entertainment industries. Even the advertising tossed at us is becoming increasing full of propaganda intended to shape our thoughts and behaviors.

The unholy alliance between wealthy tyrants and their powerful corporations that are in cahoots with big government has even filled the educational systems with propaganda and brainwashing of young minds. And thus we have either an increasingly placid people accepting the evil menacing us or with the most brainwashed rabble actively assisting those tyrannical overlords intent upon gathering total control over the masses of common folks.

The danger is real and it is growing.  A New Dark Age will have you and all you know mere serfs in the tyrant’s fiefdoms and, possibly, even abject slavery.

The Cause of the Second Civil War in America – The Occidental Observer

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