Mass. Supreme Court SMACKS DOWN Judge Sinnot’s Denial of Protesters’ Dismissal

corrupt judges


“The Massachusetts Supreme Court has overruled Judge Sinnot who denied the District Attorney’s request to “nolle prosequi” or dismiss charges against some protesters.”

Technical legal talk. These affairs started with the Boston Straight Pride parade/march that got the Marxists/libs/leftists/LGBQTPXYZ mobs in a tizzy. The lnk below shows the brainwashed self-centered bunch screw everybody else for they are Nazis and supremacists and other horrid things because they do not embrace OUR CAUSE and THEIR CAUSE must be destroyed!!!!!!!

Boston’s ‘Straight Pride’ was basically a white supremacist Trump rally

And from the Web site of the folks who created the Straight Pride event:

Super Happy Fun America

There are a LOT of media outlets and private blogs and other Web content that is condemning the Straight Pride event. Antifa and other protestors arrived to interrupt the legal assembly of folks doing as much as possible to interrupt and interfere. Unlike Portland, Oregon and Berkeley, California where local traitor politicians ordered the police to stand to the side and allow Antifa, thugs, Marxists and generally evil people to physically assault peaceful patriots Boston police contained the protestors who still managed to break various laws. Read the news reports to learn what crimes were committed. Please notice how some media outlets ignore the anti-freedom of speech scum harassing the legal patriot marchers and mention only concocted, created negatives and using slurs and verbal attacks against the patriots.

Remember… shun the politically correct causes and you are surely a White supremacist and a possible Nazi or neo-Nazi (is one worse than the other?) and maybe even a card-carrying KKK member…  we all know just how common those folks are. Can’t even go to the local store without encountering packs of them. Right?

Anyway… the legal system in Boston is typical of what the legal system has become. A perversion. There are prosecutors and judges who appear to support the causes that seek to destroy the nation-state and head for a one-world government. There ARE forces within all Western countries that want to destroy those countries and dilute Western civilization by the influx of billions of migrants (invaders, folks!!!!) from around the world.

Complicated stuff. Even the most local affairs are complicated. This extreme complication assists the tyrannical forces with their efforts. Bit by bit they gain power and with time their efforts may overwhelm the majority of patriots and the Founder’s creation is dead.A New Dark Age is upon us.

Patriots… reach out to other patriots. We need leadership of the highest quality. We need to muster and prepare for the war being forced upon us by evil. The Founder’s writings warned us and told us what must be done when tyranny rises.


Below is a comment I left at the video comment section in response to another comment.

The scum filth making their living via the legal system have had their politician traitor buddies enact legislation that prevents us commoner nobodies from suing judges, prosecutors and similar. Even if they blatantly bend things that severely harm us nobodies.

The Founders wrote what must be done when tyranny rears its vile ugly head. Patriots, tyranny has risen throughout the USA. From corporate board rooms to government at all levels and as we see here and MANY other locales within the corrupt perverted legal system.

Patriots, prepare. Tyranny is forcing war upon We, the People.


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