Students protest Sean Spicer campus talk: ‘makes me really scared’


“Teach-in offered as alternative event, protest of talk planned.”


““NEIU should not provide a home for white nationalism and other forms of bigotry,” the group states. “As members of racial, ethnic, and religious minorities, as queer people, trans and non-binary people, and women, as undocumented students, and as allies to all of these oppressed groups, we wish to explicitly express our fear in the face of the escalating right-wing violence in this country and around the world. We see the policies and rhetoric of the Trump administration—including the role Spicer took early in this administration—as drivers of this violence.””

““I’m Jewish, I see a lot of people in the space who are targets, not just of Trump, but of the rising white supremacist violence that’s happening in our country right now. That makes me really scared,” he said.”

Scared of what? Who is filling the children’s minds with propaganda and indoctrination? There are powerful forces within the USA intent upon destroying the USA and all Western countries!!! A New World Order and one-world government with no countries or borders and mass migration that destroys Western cultures, societies and countries. Indoctrinate these weak minds to make them useful lackeys, weapons in the cause of destroying the West.

““You give these people who push violent policies like concentration camps, like a border wall, like a Muslim ban, coverage,” he added. “And when you give these people coverage, on any platform, large or small, I think that encourages violence and helps make their ability to grow that much better.”

And an undocumented student by the name of Gabriela Loredo questioned why the university would invite someone that would “attack” her in her “safe space.””

Invade a country breaking its laws then demand that the entire country conform to your wants and desires. Evil George Soros and other tyrannical elites are striving to fill all Western countries with hordes of these law-breaking self-centered imbeciles embraced by citizen imbeciles apparently unaware they are assisting the evil forces seeking to destroy our beloved Western civilization. If a New World Order is successful those useful idiots now will likely be serfs of their new masters forced to obey their overlords. If they behave as they do now in that New World Order it is assured the tyrant elite ruling class will have their barbarian overlords; for infidel countries likely Moslem warlords and warriors since they would be happy to severely punish disobeying infidels.

“Meanwhile, Brett Stockdill, a professor of sociology at Northeastern Illinois, told the Chicago Tribune he was “horrified” when he learned Spicer was set to speak on campus, and that his peers had the same reaction.

But demands for university President Gloria Gibson to disinvite Spicer were rejected.

With that, an alternative teach in was hosted Wednesday by the Student Government Association and the Academic Affairs and Student Affairs departments.”

So… sure can’t have non-politically correct thoughts or ideas confusing the addled minds of students and teachers embracing that New World Order thought control. Those lackeys of the tyrannical elites striving to destroy Western civilization fear those who oppose their evil desires. Folks, seriously consider the dangers inherent with sending your children to higher-education facilities where intense and immense amounts of indoctrination occur to recruit willing subservient lackeys for the evil forces that want to destroy the Founders’ creation along with all of Western civilization that has created the countries where far more freedom and high qualities of life exist than in most of the 2nd- and 3rd-world lands. Patriots, tyranny has risen and it seeks to destroy us and our ways of life.

Students protest Sean Spicer campus talk: ‘makes me really scared’ | The College Fix

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