(Violent protests erupt at Trump rally in Albuquerque – YouTube


Patriots, when President Trump and his supporters start campaigning for the 2020 election expect these hooligans to be attacking us across the USA. Be prepared. When attending rallies and other events consider the need to arrive and depart in groups. Legalities vary across the USA. Consider local laws. Is pepper spray legal? Are the large cans that shoot a spray a lengthy distance allowed? If so, a group armed with that can be a force that fends off scum and degenerates.

If the enemy has protective gear, spray may not be enough. A stout stick backed with a muscular person can smash evil. In a worst case situation, if life is threatened, a firearm may be required. Be absolutely sure of the legalities involved in that area before using a deadly weapon. Also ensure that there are people in your group taking videos of what is happening. Only use deadly force if it is required to save a life or prevent maiming. Always consult a legal professional to advise you. Maybe legal advice on the Web may offer enough advice to save yourself from entering a legal hell. Whatever the case, be safe, be sane, do not be stupid and know beforehand what you can  and can not do when the thugs and scum and various societal filth choose to attack American patriots.


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