New DCCC Chief Wants to Cancel Male Candidates





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“The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s newly appointed executive director wants to cancel male political candidates.

Lucinda Guinn, a former executive at pro-abortion fundraising giant EMILY’s List, was named executive director of the embattled Democratic elections organization. The news comes as a blow to male Democrats, as Guinn has indicated on social media that she does not want men to run for office.”


Consider the possibility that the DINO (Democrat In Name Only) is actually a Republican operative planted within that Democrat organization long ago who has slithered her way to the top where her actions can create consternation among the masses and thus assist the Republicans with capturing more seats in various government entities.

It is a shame that our rotten political system has been crafted to allow a mere two political parties. This is advantageous to ruling elites and tyrants and corporate entities and others spitting upon the masses of common folks. If there was a viable 3rd-party or even more We, the People would have several choices to select from for political office.

One of many benefits to having several viable candidates is that the tyrannical elite-owned media and other propaganda spewing mechanisms such as those well-indoctrinated well-payed celebs whose worthless BS opinions DO, unfortunately, make an impact upon many of the increasingly ignorant and uneducated voting populace, will have a tougher time besmirching several viable candidates per office while trying to make their chosen one appear to be that golden brick that will pave the road to glory and more free stuff for all who bow down to the appointed one.

If there were six viable candidates for each federal position with each bearing a separate political party backing… We, the People would have some real choices for a change. Unsure how the electoral college would be affected. Hopefully better minds than mine can chime in with an opinion or twelve to clarify how multiple candidates would hinder or help We, the People in regards to the electoral college. Concerning the popular vote alone surely election time would be much more fun with several nincompoops ranting and raving and crying out for votes.
With luck… perhaps one of the several would be an actual patriot ready to seal the border even if he/she has to militarize the country by declaring a state of emergency!!!! Surely there is a horde of legal experts ready to back the claim that the USA is being invaded by hostile forces!!! Have several thousand or more citizens appear at the White House telling of loved ones raped and murdered, heads chopped off, babies raped then murdered and a multitude of savage attacks committed by illegal alien invaders. Have the FBI compile illegal alien invader crimes and watch the HUGE numbers appear on the elite-owned tyrannical media for the first time.

Have police chiefs and county sheriffs from across the USA appear and tell of the horrors that have occurred in their jurisdictions committed by invaders. Have respected pundits supporting the war against invasion tell of how traitor politicians at all levels of governance have assisted the invaders thus need to face military tribunals to explain their crimes. Those found guilty face various levels of punishment with the worst receiving life at hard-labor and total asset forfeiture. At the end of this momentous occasion the president will then announce that federal marshals backed by well-armed military troops are now starting the arrest of the following federal-level politicians and bureaucrats accused of aiding and abetting the invaders of the USA. Later news coverage at state and local levels will tell of the events occurring at the state and local levels where possible traitors are being rounded up for trial at military tribunals.

The emergency measures will last until the traitor filth is cleaned out and the invaders ousted and the citizen supporters of the invaders will also be prosecuted. To assist with keeping things as normal as possible the commoner citizen found guilty of assisting the invaders will have actual real community service work to perform and fines based upon their income. Make it hurt for a little bit but not economically crippling. Send a message to all that assisting the invasion of the NOW sovereign USA has drawbacks. Second offenses of aiding and abetting invaders will be extreme and the people will be warned well in advance.

As the invaders self-flee a USA that now has a backbone and fewer traitors to assist them the empty housing units will assist with lowering rents for the working-poor classes. The now-empty job positions will be filled since welfare and disability and other gimmedats will be more strictly controlled forcing the many lazy bums into taking jobs. If criminality is chosen instead of work labor groups of convicted criminals under military control will be repairing the USA infrastructure. There the criminal element will work for food and shelter and medical care when needed. No drugs or alcohol. Reading material allowed and classes in the evening to assist with learning a trade and extremely strict discipline. Those trying to flee this punishment training/opportunity are flogged for a first offense and hanged for a second.

May other variables to be accomplished. Ridding the USA of Somali Moslems needs doing. And other steps to ensure the 1,400 year Islamic conquest of the world NEVER HAPPENS IN THE USA!!!!

If the USA does not toughen up a horrible New Dark Age awaits We, the People. Perhaps altering the voting system will assist with preventing the horrors awaiting us if we continue down the current path of destruction that will create a tyrannical overlordship of elites with the masses of common folks mere serfs and slaves of our ruling masters using barbarians to control us.


Lucinda Guinn agrees ‘we shouldn’t let boys run for office anymore’

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