86 percent of Brooklynites in court are people of color

“The Obama DOJ released a report that between 1980 and 2008 Blacks committed 52.5% of the murders in the United States. See “https://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/htus8008.pdf”. That while Blacks are only 12.6% of the population overall. So why the surprise that 86.5% of the people in Brooklyn courts are people of color. After all people of color are a much higher percentage of the overall Brooklyn population. Should we begin to consider that these numbers are not or perhaps minimally the results of a racist system.”

“According to demographics Brooklyn is 54% ‘People of Color’, if one lumps together Blacks and Hispanics. I left out Asians from the mix (they are about 12% of Brooklyn’s population) since their criminality based on the stats is negligible. So, yes 87% isn’t that surprising, especially in light that Blacks have a much higher probability of criminal behavior compared to other races.”

“When you break the law, you get pinched. Increased melanin content in the skin isn’t the target of law enforcement, but unlawful behavior is. Certain melanin enriched types, however, are more prone to criminal behavior. End of story.”

Above from the comment section of yet another idiotic essay trying to accuse the local legal system of being biased against minorities with the Black population often the chosen minority group. Why do these various organizations and groups ignore the raw data and statistics that repeatedly show over the years and decades that the USA Black cohort commits crimes of all types far out of proportion to their percentage of the populace?

Also ignored is that Asians tend to commit the fewest crimes percentage-wise of all the various groupings/races/ethnicities/etc. However… the politically correct Marxist scum trying to destroy the USA and all of Western civilization have no problem with limiting Asian enrollment in colleges and universities to allow mentally sub-par minorities to have student seats reserved for them. The general Asian sub-culture respects and admires educational achievement and those students put a lot of effort into preparing themselves to excel at educational efforts. So, are aspiring rappers with the mentality of an 8th-grader supposed to fill a college seat made vacant by forbidding a mentally superior Asian from taking that seat?

The USA is full of traitors in power positions that are guiding and shoving the USA down the toilet of mediocrity. Until patriots stand up to those traitors that fill the universities, corporate board rooms, political positions at all levels, bureaucracies everywhere and even among brainwashed common citizens whose sole power is their puny voice (such as mine via the Web) and their near-worthless vote since the USA systems of command and control are not affected by voting… until patriots arise and fight the tyranny that is becoming evermore powerful… and defeat those filth I fear that the Founder’s creation is doomed.

A New Dark Age awaits future Americans. What form the tyrannical elite overlords impose upon the masses can be conjectured about but those are mere guesses. Will serfdom for the commoners be the norm or will it be abject slavery to monolithic corporations in an unholy alliance with all-pervasive government or will it be something else?

Or… maybe the patriots will defeat demonic tyranny.

86 percent of Brooklynites in court are people of color: report





American patrriot warrior enemy New






Soros Antifa traitor globalist tyrant












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