Biden Used U.S. Aid as Weapon to Force Ukraine to Fire Prosecutor Looking Into His Son’s Business


“Imagine if Donald Trump had threatened to withhold a billion dollars in U.S. aid to Ukraine until officials there fired a prosecutor who was looking into one of his son’s businesses? The media would be losing its tiny, left-wing, hive mind about such a story. But because Biden did it, it is crickets from the media. Worse, this story is right out of Biden’s own mouth and not just allegations from some fake, unidentified “whistleblower.” This story is confirmed by Biden himself, and the media still ignores it.”

Just ONE of a huge assortment of instances where folks above the commoner level of existence spit upon the masses of “nobodies.” I can not envision anything changing inside the USA or any country where the elites control the systems that keep a society and country operating.

What can We, the People do? Voting may have influence at the most local level, especially if you live in a small town. Big cities are akin to states and the federal government with one person’s vote mainly to totally meaningless.

Something is very wrong within the systems operating the USA. And traitors, crooks, liars and scumbags are using those systems to advance themselves, their peer groups and entire socioeconomic cohorts to ensure the scam continues.

What will it take to repair the USA?  Currently, I am of the mind-set that only a successful military coup by patriot officers could set the stage to begin the reconstruction required to prevent the USA from swirling down the drain to destruction.

Biden Used U.S. Aid as Weapon to Force Ukraine to Fire Prosecutor Looking Into His Son’s Business

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