The Truth About GM’s Huge Layoffs and Why You Should Be Mad About It


This video mentions GMC specifically but there are MANY USA corporations that are spitting upon We, the People and placing profit over anything in regards to loyalty to the USA and/or the people within.

Something needs to change. The tyrannical elite-owned media is in bed with fellow corporations and government at all levels so there will be no effort at the mass media, entertainment or broadcasting industries or any corporate entity to unite We, the People to force required changes upon our current economic system that rewards traitors who spit upon the USA.

Those same corporations will expect the common citizens to march overseas to protect their financial interests even if doing so means dead and maimed USA citizens. That is OKAY with the greedy scum filling corporate board rooms and their filthy traitor politician and bureaucrat lackeys.



President Trump is trying to alter the financial equation a little bit and look at the immense amount of grief tossed at him by traitor politicians, bureaucrats, media and others. Even traitor celebrities obeying their corporate masters who ensure they receive wealth only common folks can dream of are shoveling immense amounts of BS upon President Trump. Those celebs and the corporations that prop them up have angered me so much that I boycott them as much as possible. I also boycott corporations disloyal to We, the People and the USA as a whole.

It is difficult to determine which corporations deserve to be boycotted and, eventually, to have laws enacted to force them to stop being traitors to our country and people. It was only luck that led me to this video that convinces me that GMC is behaving in a traitor-like manner.

In 2004 I bought my first-ever new vehicle after several decades of driving. I did some research and found a few vehicles with a maximum amount of made-in-USA components and assembled in the USA. I settled for the Chevrolet pick-up assembled in Ft. Wayne, Indiana with a large percentage of USA-made parts. Maybe GMC was not in bed with China at that time. However, knowing what I know now, I will never buy GMC again and will advise others to shun their products.

Even though buying a used GMC product does not line traitor pockets if repair parts are needed perhaps some to many parts may only be available from GMC or one of their derivative firms or only from Chinese sources. I will do all I can to support USA firms. If there are no future patriotic USA firms making vehicles I would rather do business with a foreign firm that is not in bed with a country that could easily become an enemy of the USA, especially one with a growing nuclear capability.

During World War Two a saying floating around was that the bombs dropped upon the USA and its overseas troops was made of iron and steel we sold Japan. Yes, the USA did sell scrap metal to Japan just as we do with China today. I wonder if the USA ever goes to war with China if part of their military forces will have been made in China by GMC-owned factories? Will the high-level corporate American within GMC be living in China or will they be playing golf with Barack Obama at his estate on Martha’s Vineyard bought with wealth legally awarded him by wealthy elites and corporations for behaving as they wanted him to while in office?

The topics within this essay are extremely complex. Yes, USA presidents ARE bought by immense wealth and perform as their masters desire. This is done legally!!! I mention this scam repeatedly in various posts. Many to most USA citizens seem to be unaware of how badly the common folks are being screwed.

Enough of this for now. Search the Web, if you seek the truth. The Web is full of lies and deceit but patriots are out there and spreading truth as the fight against tyranny continues.


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