Homegrown Muslim Terrorist Training Camp Is Uncovered In Alabama


“Muslim terrorist training facilities are being scoped around the United States. Authorities have recently uncovered a second facility being managed by the son of jihadist Imam, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj. The camp was located by the FBI near Tuskegee, Alabama.

While there aren’t a lot of details being released about the training camp, it does contain what many consider to be a makeshift obstacle course built in a military-style. The second facility was uncovered by researchers at WPMI-TV. This happened after going through a variety of legal documents.

While it was reported to the FBI on April 29, the national media only picked it up in the past few days. Why such a big story is not getting the attention that needs is part of the problems with liberal media. They would rather complain more about what Trump is doing than uncovering the fact that there are Muslim terrorist training camps showing up around the country.”

Traitors within the media, corporate board rooms, in political and bureaucratic positions and among the general populace with the most powerful traitors being the tyrannical elite-class super-rich are doing their best to destroy both the USA and Western civilization as a whole.

Spread the word among patriots. The threat is real and is growing. Be prepared for any and every eventuality.

Homegrown Muslim Terrorist Training Camp Is Uncovered In Alabama | The Tea Party Daily

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