How Much Trash a Political Rally Leaves for Others to Clean Up Tells You Something, Doesn’t It?


“The Tea Party movement was largely self-policing, which was the most amazing part,” said Meckler. “I’m sure that good, neighborly behavior was encouraged, but the reality is that this is just how folks on the right generally behave. We believe in the rule of law. We believe in the right to “peaceably” assemble. We believe in private property rights. And we believe in the Golden Rule. Were we “angry?” Sure, we were—and frankly, we still are. But we were civil, non-destructive, and certainly never criminal. These are hallmarks of conservative protests and are the exact opposite of what one sees on the left.”

“Meckler is certainly correct about “what one sees on the left.” The mess created by “progressive” rallies and demonstrations has become legendary. The Occupy movement left tons of litter for hapless sanitation workers to clean up after their 2011 protests. More recently, the “Women’s March” did the same. The Black Lives Matter movement has been even worse, adding riots and looting to their mounds of trash.”

The pictures of leftist marches when the mob streams home always show enormous amounts of trash left littering the land. Lazy slobs. Imagine a city state or country where those lazy scum are in control. Hey!!! Look at San Francisco!!! Mentioned frequently and constantly by hordes of folks telling of piles of human poo covering the sidewalks, streets, and anywhere a person can squat and squirt. Plenty of syringes, also. Who knows what disease those needles carry? And trash? No shortage of that. Brought to you by leftists and Marxists that seem pleased that their trashy shit-ridden city is a welcoming place for illegal alien invader criminals. Is your young daughter’s future rapist relaxing in San Francisco before heading out on another criminal spree? The traitor politicians and bureaucrats there do not care.

Trashy deeds, trashy people and trashy minds. And tyrannical elite-owned media intent upon a New World Order and the destruction of the USA and all of Western civilization supports those trashy leftist filth.

War, patriots. War being forced upon us by evil forces. Stay strong. Evil is strong and backed by immense wealth that allows evil access to huge propaganda systems that allows them to indoctrinate the masses. The war is currently one of hearts and minds. Assist the patriot cause. Inform all you know of the evil confronting us. Spread the word!!!

Also of immense importance is to share with all law enforcement and military personnel that their loyalty is to We, the People, not traitor politicians, bureaucrats and the tyrants filling many corporate board rooms.

Oath Keepers is a good organization for law and military folks since they concentrate on loyalty to the Constitution and the citizens. The leftist/Marxist media regularly labels them as a far-right-wing anti-government militia but those in the know recognize that propaganda immediately.

Do your duty, patriots. Make the Founders proud of you!!!

How Much Trash a Political Rally Leaves for Others to Clean Up Tells You Something, Doesn’t It? – Independence Institute

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