PUBLIC SCHOOL KIDS As Young As 5-Yrs-Old Chant: “Who do we HATE? Donald Trump!” And “Cheeto Sucks!” At “Close The Camps” March [VIDEO]




“Last week, kids from 3 public schools in San Francisco were taken out of the classroom to march in a “Close The Camps” protest. In the stunning video below (follow link below), young children, as young as 5-year-old, can be heard chanting a variety of disturbing verses, including, “Who do we hate? Donald Trump!” and “You build the wall…we tear it down!” and “Brick by brick, wall by wall, the border wall will fall.”

One of the young boys screams, “Cheeto sucks!” “Fog City Midge,” whose covering the march, asks the little boy who’s referring to President Trump as “Cheeto,” (a reference commonly made by unhinged liberals about the color of Trump’s skin), “Isn’t it not nice to make fun of someone for the color of their skin?” The little boy responded, “I know, but this is Trump. He’s being racist to everybody else.” An older woman who may be a teacher, asks the reporter to leave.

One of the parents reveals to the independent reporter that her child has indeed been indoctrinated by leftist teachers, saying, “this is what they’re learning in school.” The mother added that she is in support of her daughter attending the march.”

Civil War within the USA is inevitable. Patriots appalled by leftist, Marxist, open border, New World Order, one-world government, end of the nation-state behaviors must communicate with law enforcement and military personnel to convince them to either side with patriots or, at the least, stand to the side and do not impede us in our fight against tyrannical evil backed by tyrannical elites who want to destroy the USA and all of Western civilization.

PUBLIC SCHOOL KIDS As Young As 5-Yrs-Old Chant: “Who do we HATE? Donald Trump!” And “Cheeto Sucks!” At “Close The Camps” March [VIDEO]

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