Two Teens Charged After Man, 59, Dies from “Knockout Game” Attack at County Fair


“Two Maryland teens may face murder charges after a man they assaulted at a county fair over the weekend died as a result of his injuries. Police identified Mount Airy resident John Marvin Weed, 59, as the victim of the fatal attack on Friday at the Great Frederick Fair, which many witnesses described as “unprovoked.”

“Criminal Investigators responded to the scene and interviewed numerous witnesses who indicated that the person assaulted was the victim of an unprovoked attack,” the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office stated in a press release Saturday, adding, “No weapons were used or mentioned in this incident.””

When I see that filthy barbarian scum spit into the face of their victim who later died I have thoughts in my mind that I would be gratified if I could shove a bayonet into the liver of both of those barbarians who taxpayers have likely paid to be born then paid the costs of raising the beasts and will now pay to keep the scum in cages until some bleeding-heart liberal judge releases the filth to return to the streets and do what that breed was apparently born to do… commit anti-social acts.

Okay… I understand that getting at those scum with a bayonet is impossible. Does society just stay on our current path where barbarians run rampant? How about a public hanging to send a message to other barbarians that there are fates other than hanging out with your homies in a cage watching TV and letting those taxpayer fools cover all your cost?

China knows how to handle barbarians. One pistol shot to the spine where it enters the skull. Efficient, quick and barbarians will never harm an innocent person again.

Two Teens Charged After Man, 59, Dies from “Knockout Game” Attack at County Fair

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