CAIR, CAIR-Minnesota Call on Twitter to Suspend Trump’s Account Over False ‘9/11’ Smear of Rep. Ilhan Omar


“The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today strongly condemned President Trump for sharing a false, Islamophobic smear targeting Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) on Twitter and called on that social media company to suspend the president’s account for violating its terms of service. #SuspendTrump”


Islam is skillful in their efforts when the few with intelligence are at work. CAIR is one USA group of vipers infiltrating schools and other places to spread their ideology and prepare the populace for the growth of evil Islam. If converts happen they are thrilled. Disaffected communities such as people in prison and recent immigrants, both legal and illegal, are approached with a helping hand extended. With immense oil wealth behind these organizations from the home Islamic cesspools with oil reserves their is wealth to spread and assist with gaining new converts.


Females appear less menacing so that is why those Islamic filth are using their normally subservient low-class females as figureheads for their conquest of the USA and other countries. The USA Congress is now infected with what? Two vile females whose loyalty is required by their life and faith and training and entire existence to be to Islam. There is something extremely wrong inside the USA for those two vile vipers to be in that position. And surely the Founders are shaking their heads in disgust at the presence of those Islamic outposts inside the USA. Have you seen the video of the Islamic barbarians inside the USA attacking the Christian group with rocks? In my opinion military troops should have been cutting down those barbarians with every weapon at hand then start rounding up that infection for deportment to whatever foreign land would take the filth.


This ongoing invasion will not end well. If this crap continues I can envision patriot military officers using any required military weaponry to cleans the filthy infection from our sacred Western soil. The elite tyrannical anti-Western civilization corporations controlling many propaganda systems relentlessly pound us with indoctrination to embrace diversity and multiculturalism. That path leads to enslavement.


These topics are extremely complicate. Search the Web, patriots. There are minds far better than mine that explain the severe danger facing us much better than I can. Look and learn and share the warning with others. Tyranny is upon us. The Founder’s writings tell us what must be done when tyranny rears its ugly head.

CAIR, CAIR-Minnesota Call on Twitter to Suspend Trump’s Account Over False ‘9/11’ Smear of Rep. Ilhan Omar


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