“Renewing the Struggle for Equality in the Obama Era” Part 1 of 2 – YouTube

Red Guard Austin Chapter

One of the earliest BAMN By Any Means Necessary organization videos I found at their YouTube area seen below. Ten years old it appears this rag-tag group of leftists and maybe with Marxist tendencies has some staying power. There MAY be a tie-in with Antifa but if there is it may be only at the personal superficial level with no organized cooperation between the groups when protest and craziness times arrive.

The lack of comments may be due to nobody watching. However, if this group has quality leadership they are surely instructing their followers to merely observe and not comment since that could conceivably leave a trail that enforcement agencies could possibly follow later. Akin to Antifa and others hiding behind their face masks. I do not hide in real-life as the vast majority (maybe all?) of patriots do not hide their face when in public.

Neither do I “hide” while on-line. Sure, I use screen-names and do not blatantly give my exact location since there are weirdos, freaks, childish brats and general troublemakers ready to bombard me with spam and e-mails and even appear in person to vandalize vehicles, houses and even physically attack as Antifa and other leftist/Marxist/radical/etc. groups have repeatedly proven as seen on many YouTube videos. The bike-lock-swinging college “professor” was one example of evil hiding its ugly face behind a bandana and using the crowd of leftists to dart in and sever the scalp of the peaceful patriot protester.  I can be found but the typical Web user would likely not expend the effort to learn the ins-and-outs of digging into the Web as professionals can. Law enforcement has enormous resources at hand and can easily dig in and track those worthy of tracking. Thus one possible reason for a lack of comments at YouTube videos by BAMN adherents.

Wanting to mess with the simpletons’ minds I placed a comment, the only one, at the video below. In case the BAMN bums delete my comment at the site here it is below in its entirety:

Sorry kids… Obama sold you out. He knew before entering high-level politics that proper behavior while in office leads to immense rewards for himself and his entire family after he leaves office. All legal.

Extremely wealthy people, organizations, associations, etc. and monolithic corporations legally use various methods that make multi-millionaires of the ex-president and his family. A little Web research will show how this is done. One reason the left hates President Trump is that this legal scam of buying the president does not work with him.

Obama is currently buying a multi-million dollar estate on Martha’s Vineyard, the White majority enclave of mega-rich people. No hangin’ with the bros in the ‘hod for Obama!!! And his kids will never have to live among nor economically compete with the despised commoners such as you BAMN suckers serving your own chosen masters who will also spit upon you after they have used you to advance their personal causes.

You BAMN buffoons are akin to the Red Guard used by Mao in that extreme failure of the Cultural Revolution. The reality of that fiasco can be read on-line. Your BAMN and the followers and leaders within remind me of the Red Guard suckers used by Mao to advance personal lusts that nearly destroyed China. No reverence for Mao in China today. Just as you BAMN buffoons will be quickly forgotten but if remembered at all the term “losers” will be applied to you and BAMN.


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