Mo. man pleads guilty to attempting to provide material support to ISIS


“Hester has been in federal custody since his arrest in February 2017. He is a U.S. citizen and was enlisted in the U.S. Army for less than a year, receiving a general discharge from service in mid-2013. By pleading guilty, Hester admitted that from October 2016 to February 2017, he tried to provide material support to ISIS, knowing that it was a designated foreign terrorist organization that engages in terrorist activity.

According to the plea agreement, multiple confidential sources reported to the FBI that Hester had posted a variety of material on multiple social media accounts. He said he had converted to Islam, expressed animus toward the United States and posted photos of weapons and the ISIS flag, among other material.”

Islam attracts the mentally ill and assort nut-cases angry at the USA or our society (I can understand that anger but do not assist Islam when fighting societal perversions) or some other part of Western civilization.

It is Islam that attracts the violent. Reach out to Islam if you want to cause mayhem and/or death to others. Some freaks may assist Islam because their sexual perversions lead them to young girls, even pre-pubescent girls. Some Islam-dominant societies and cultures allow grown men to take little girls into their arms and bed. So Islam attracts the violent, the mentally ill and the perverts. And that death cult is actively seeking to invade and conquer the USA and all of Western civilization!!!

This instance is yet another one luckily discovered by authorities who suckered the idiot in who showed his true desires and taken into custody. How many have escaped notice? How many have contacted true actual professional Moslem terrorists and are being trained and instructed on how to assist the Islam cause of destroying the USA and enslaving the people within and taking the infidel females as sex slaves for the Islamic warriors?

During the Cold War the USSR had “sleeper agents” living inside the USA waiting for the signal to attack. Nobody knows how many sleepers are ready to rise up and strike their targets when they receive the word from their Moslem masters.

Beware, patriots. Moslems wander freely throughout the USA. Do a Web search to learn of how many of the Somali barbarians have committed crimes of all types across the USA. Those unwanted imports

FORCED upon We, the People by vile traitor citizens are committing numerous atrocities against the people and country that tried to be kind to them. Being kind to walking talking feces is idiocy OR… a purposeful deed to assist the attack against the USA!!! Those traitors that brought those filth into the USA must face military tribunals. Discover the true intentions of those traitors!!!

Evil is loose within the USA as are traitors. The tyrannical elite-owned media fails to tell the masses of the real, true perils facing us. Patriots, we must prepare for every eventuality. Currently the war is being fought with words on our side though our enemies are using more than words as can be seen with the body counts.

Until the PROPER time comes patriots must stick with words and legal methods of battling invaders and traitors. If words eventually fail and our leadership of quality people determine there is no hope other than battle, the follow orders and work in massed groups. Hopefully the words we use now will have reached out to law enforcement and the military and they will be at our side when the required tasks are accomplished.

Remember, patriots… it is best by far to win a battle without ever engaging in hostilities. Far better minds than mine determined that ages ago and wise folks throughout history say the same. We must do our best to defeat tyranny and invading evil in a peaceful way that keeps the USA intact. I fear that internal war today against such horrific foes that we face could devastate the USA and could possibly include tactical nuclear weapons. We must do all we can to avoid that!!!

Mo. man pleads guilty to attempting to provide material support to ISIS


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