White Supremacist Flyers Found on UC Davis Campus

“DAVIS — University of California, Davis officials are opening the school year having to denounce the placement of white supremacist flyers in several of its buildings.This is not the first time school has been targeted by hate groups, nor is it alone among university campuses.Still, some students were surprised that a white supremacist group would essentially recruit for members on a campus as diverse as UC Davis.”

BALDERDASH!!!!  Leftist, maybe Marxist anti-Western civilization elite-owned tyrannical media labeling a PRIDE poster as “supremacist.” Any group but White folks is allowed to place posters expressing pride of culture, pride of society, pride of self, pride of ethnicity, pride of race EXCEPT the hated, despised evil White people!!!  DESTROY THEM!!!!  Shove them down to 3rd-rate status!!!  Western civilization MUST BE DESTROYED since that group of countries poses the largest impediment to tyrants establishing a New World Order with one-world government and the erasing of national borders along with the erasing of individual countries. The new tyrannical elite ruling class wants total control over all their subjects.

As first-world countries are overrun by barbarians from 2nd- and 3rd-world countries the new ruling class, the New Royalty with total control over all beneath them, will have hordes of ready lackeys happy to assist with subjugating those horrible Western civilization folks who are mostly the hated White people. When the Moslems are ordered by the ruling masters to force the infidels to obey orders they will happily use any method required to force the infidels to obey. ANY METHOD!!!

The African barbarians have repeatedly shown the methods they use to obtain what they lust for… even with laws that supposedly control civilized folk’s actions. Just wait for when the Overlords order them to force those hated Western Whites to obey the masters. The carnage will be terrible. Expect a Hutu versus Tutsi scenario.

Bashing the people that set the stage for Western civilization and created it then kept if growing and increasing life quality for themselves but also for people across the planet may have unwanted end results. The variables and possibilities are many.  Maybe evil tyrants will win and attain their evil desires. Maybe Western civilization will rise up and destroy our enemies. If Western civilization is destroyed a New Dark Age will result and multitudes of common folks will live as serfs or slaves while a very tiny portion of the New Royalty live in ultimate luxury and the bureaucrat/warrior class hired to do the New Royalty’s dirty work will do okay but if the serfs/slaves ever revolt they will be the first to die as the masses of freedom fighters aim for the tyrants spitting upon them.

What is fearful, though, is that modern technology can allow an iron-fisted New Royalty using barbarians as enforcers who are ready to happily murder and rape the serfs and slaves beneath them could prevent any revolt. Thus the New Dark Age settles in for the duration.

That filthy tyrannical elite-owned media hating Whites and White civilization. They never mention what they will replace us with. I believe the reason for that is if they did the supporters of Western civilization would realize the seriousness of the threat and take steps to end the threat now. Patriots, prepare. The threat is real and grows daily. Look around you. Read the news and how it is reported. Read essays and articles by patriots warning us of the threats. Share your knowledge with others. Spread the word.

The threats are real and increase constantly!!!

White Supremacist Flyers Found on UC Davis Campus | FOX40

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