CAIR Demands Twitter Suspend President Trump for Attacking Ilhan Omar

“The Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) sent out a press release last Wednesday demanding that Twitter suspend its most important account: that of President Trump. Because Trump has repeatedly enraged Leftists by going over the heads of the establishment media and talking directly to the American people through his tweets, there are no doubt a large number of tweets that have made Leftists want him gone from Twitter forever.

But the one that sent CAIR over the edge committed the sin that is absolutely, finally, unanswerably unpardonable: Trump had the audacity to criticize that sacred cow of all sacred cows, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.).Omar, with her hijab, her immigrant background, and her determination to see nothing good in her adopted homeland is a revered figure on the Left, and particularly among the Islamic establishment that is tied to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Leftists and Islamic supremacists in the United States love her anti-Americanism, her burning hatred and contempt for the chief executive, her endless victimhood posturing. And there is no reason why they shouldn’t: Antifa, CAIR and their allied organizations are working from the same playbook.”

The 1,400 years and counting invade and conquer aspect of the death cult Islam is active within the USA and all Western countries. Traitors within Western countries are either enabling the barbarian invaders or are actually actively assisting those foul fiends.

Patriots are warning others about this horrible ongoing invasion. The elite-owned media is not shouting out to the public to warn us of the severe dangers these Islamic barbarian hordes pose to We, the People and every Western country. We have to do that.

Prepare, patriot and spread the word. The scum that want to enslave us are actively at work to advance their cause of enslaving the world with Islam as our master.

CAIR Demands Twitter Suspend President Trump for Attacking Ilhan Omar

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