High School Teacher Fired For Tweets Criticizing Illegal Immigration


“Another day, another American citizen being punished for hurting the feelings of criminals who are in America illegally. A 68 year old high school teacher was fired from her job after tweeting “offensive” posts about illegal immigration asking the President to do something to remove the criminals from her local area. Why is it that the feelings of criminals are put above the rights of American citizens to express themselves on the internet?”

A patriot punished by traitors running the public school the patriot was employed at. The USA invaded by barbarians. Some sources state that there is more than twenty-MILLION illegal alien invaders infesting the USA at a cost to taxpayers of BILLIONS of dollars yearly.

Attacking that patriot teacher makes the administrator(s) a traitor, in my opinion. Traitors assisting the invasion of the USA need to spend 20-years minimum at HARD-LABOR preferably under military control.

If the USA stays on the current path disaster awaits.

Prepare, patriots.

High School Teacher Fired For Tweets Criticizing Illegal Immigration – Gab News

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