NY and NJ Sanctuary Cities Let’s 2 Illegal Alien Child Rapists Walk


“Two illegal alien child rapists have fled after they were allowed to bail themselves out while awaiting trial. Both states ignored ICE detainers and now neither one of them will ever stand trial unless they get picked up for something else. Now, they are back on the street where they can prey on more children. Luciano Trejo-Dominguez, an illegal alien from Mexico, was arrested and charged with raping a child between the ages of 13 to 15, criminal restraint, criminal sexual contact, and endangering a child in Vineland, New Jersey. Joaquin Rodriguez Quiroz was arrested and charged with third-degree rape on September 6 in Westchester County, New York, after he allegedly raped a child under the age of 17.”

Will your kid be next? Will the illegal alien invader be satisfied with a rape or will the beast decide that no living witness for the crime is best and proceed to kill your beloved daughter? Traitors among us do not care about citizens. Why should we have any regard for traitors? Where are the politicians to unite and exert some power and send in armed forces of whatever type to seize these traitors and lock them up, no bail, and await judgment for a large number of charges?

It would only be proper that traitors assisting the barbarians invading the USA be charged with aiding and abetting every crime that every invader commits. If found guilty the sentence would surely be life without parole. And no lounging in a comfortable federal prison!!! Traitor filth deserve HARD-LABOR and make it under military control. Every sanctuary city needs to be invaded by patriot forces and the traitors rooted out.

NY and NJ Sanctuary Cities Let’s 2 Illegal Alien Child Rapists Walk

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