Impeachment Is About Putting Down the Peasants’ Revolt


“Trump’s supporters aren’t as dumb as their “betters” clearly believe them to be. They know the Washington establishment is out to get the president in order to disfranchise the 63 million “deplorables” who voted him into office for the purpose of effecting genuine change in the way things are done inside the Beltway.

Trump’s supporters know the Democrats hate him because, despite the incessant harassment to which he and his administration have been subjected, he has fulfilled most of his campaign promises. They know Trump’s impeachment is really an attempt to suppress what Beltway insiders regard as a peasants’ revolt against the proper order of things.”

The powerful forces attacking President Trump are traitor politicians, corporate USA full of traitors, many organizations and associations operated by wealthy tyrannical elites who want to enslave the masses of citizens and the elite-owned tyrannical media, entertainment industries and other corporate entities that are the most effective propaganda-spewing systems of indoctrination ever created.

Sadly, weak-minded folks and those wanting and expecting a very-strong all-encompassing federal government to give them food, housing, medical care, security from every threat… basically, provide all the needs of daily life in a civil society where everybody loves each other and fear never arises. Yes, the deluded mob who mimic their masters calling out for Trump to be gone.

We, the People are in peril from many sources. Outside invaders flooding our country. A death cult with a 1,400 year history of invading and conquering has somehow placed their Islamic warriors in female guise into the Congress. Traitors within the USA are striving to become the overlords of the USA people. New World Order scum who use many methods to divide and conquer We, the People.

Patriots, the House is divided. Is civil war inevitable? I believe it is possible. Powerful wealthy traitorous forces embedded into the many systems that operate the USA on a daily and long-term basis are actively striving to destroy the Founder’s creation. I fear they may attain their evil desires. Their control of government is easily seen by the alert and aware folks and the immense amount of indoctrination from the many sources is obvious, again, to those aware that it is propaganda intended to assist the evildoers who lust to be our ruling master overlords that will either make serfs of the masses of common folks and may even enslave us over the long run.

Fight back in every legal manner possible, patriots. Also, be prepared for every eventuality. Our freedom may be in peril. Be alert, be prepared.

Impeachment Is About Putting Down the Peasants’ Revolt | The American Spectator




Compared to the evil forces attacking him, President Trump is an extreme patriot















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