Dominican Immigrant Charged with Murdering Four Homeless Men in NYC


“Santos, the Post reported, is a native of the Dominican Republic and lived with family members in the Bronx when he was a teenager. Recently, though, Santos was in and out of homeless shelters in the city. Sources detailed a long criminal record for Santos to the Post, where he had been arrested at least 14 times in the past. Four of those arrests were within the last year. The Dominican immigrants’ record includes:
Grabbing and biting a man in November 2018
Assaulting a stranger on the Q train in November
Shoplifting in February
Groping a 19-year-old woman in Queens in March
Attacking a homeless man with a metal pipe in May 2019

Multiple men in New York City homeless shelters where Santos would frequent told the Post that he was a “crackhead,” and had serious mental illness.”

Toughen up the standards for those entering the USA from foreign lands. Between the criminals entering legally and the criminals invading illegally by the millions too many USA citizens are being murdered, raped, molested, maimed, injured and harmed in numerous other ways.

Toss in the BILLIONS of dollars that illegal alien invaders and legal criminal immigrants cost the taxpayers and the horrors being committed against We, the People MUST STOP!!!!

Dominican Immigrant Charged with Murdering Four Homeless Men in NYC

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