“Extraordinary Black Trans Woman” Crashes CNN LGBTQ Town Hall


“CNN found to its cost that no matter how hard you virtue signal, you can never be woke enough after a self-described “extraordinary black trans woman” hijacked an LGBTQ town hall event. The event, held in Minnesota, was basically four hours of the Democratic candidates trying to pander to identity politics.

However, the show was briefly derailed when a woman who described herself as an “extraordinary black trans woman” snatched the mic from a mom and her trans child (yes really) to go on an unhinged rant. “Black trans women are being killed in this country and CNN you have erased black trans women for the last time – black trans women are dying our lives matter!” said the individual, who it subsequently turned out was called ‘Blossom Seabrown’.”

Are these the types of citizens required to make a modern first-world industrialized country using a constitutional republic as the government used to keep the country moving forward? Or are these the citizens that succeed in destroying countries that allow these self-centered ME ME ME and screw the rest of you sub-standard humans too much prominence and influence in societal affairs?

Videos at the linked-to site:

“Extraordinary Black Trans Woman” Crashes CNN LGBTQ Town Hall – Summit News

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