Boston SUCKS: Chaos at the Straight Pride Parade – Part 2 I Slightly Offens*ve – YouTube

Boston straight Pride Parade success Super Happy Fun America


When straight folks have a parade the nut-cases, Marxists, leftists, New World Order, one-world government loving, hard-core communists and the mentally ill of all types gather to harass and annoy and, at times, even violently physically attack the people that do not embrace their personal madness.

Super Happy Fun America is the organization, of sorts, that initiated the parade that cause so much turmoil within the well-indoctrinated and/or crazed minds of the mob protesting against the straights and anything else that offends the easily-offended morons.

It would be very interesting to observe how the protestors would do if all of them across the USA… I am guessing their numbers could be in the millions, were gathered and placed in a region… how about Georgia? Give them the entire state to live and work in and create a viable society that could sustain itself, govern itself, feed and clothe and shelter itself and provide health care and protection from criminals and anti-social scum who destroy society and everything else required to sustain a people. Could they do it?


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