Alert! Volunteers Needed In Dallas TX to Protect Trump Supporters at Rally! – Oath Keepers


“ALERT: Security volunteers needed!


Oath Keepers, veterans, bikers, three percenters, and other capable patriots, we need your help to protect Trump Supporters at the upcoming Trump Campaign rally in Dallas, TX this Thursday, Oct. 17, 2019. See below for details on how to volunteer or how to support our volunteers. You DO NOT have to be an Oath Keepers member to volunteer! If you can’t make it yourself, please donate to support those who can make it in person, to be boots on the ground. They need your support to do what they do.

Donations cover gas money, rooms, and essential equipment for our men. Thank you!




The Dallas rally will be held at:The American Airlines Center, 2500 Victory Avenue, Dallas, TX 75219

Gates open at 4pm and the event starts at 7pm.

As always, we are confident that the interior of the venue itself will be safe (the Secret Service will see to that), but we have serious concerns for the safety of attendees as they walk from their vehicles to the venue, and then especially as they walk back to their vehicles in the dark afterward. There have been numerous examples of Trump supporters being attacked under those circumstances, from 2016 on, right up to the most recent Trump rally in Minneapolis. And when they return to their cars, late at night in the dark, is when they are most vulnerable to being attacked by violent leftists.”

More information and videos at the link. A big THANK YOU to all patriots assisting Oath Keepers with protecting Trump supporters and other patriots from the ravages of leftists and Marxists who have no respect for USA citizens.

Alert! Volunteers Needed In Dallas TX to Protect Trump Supporters at Rally! – Oath Keepers

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