Elderly crossing guard’s guns seized under ‘red flag’ law after vocally worrying about school shooting


“Police in Martha’s Vineyard used red flag laws to seize the guns of an 84-year-old Korean War veteran over a comment the man made to a friend at a local diner.

Stephen Nichols was meeting with Edgartown resident Andy Marcus at Linda Jean’s diner in Oak Bluffs a couple of weeks ago when he mentioned that Tisbury School resource officer Scott Ogden often leaves his post as kids arrive to drink coffee at Xtra Mart, according to the Martha’s Vineyard Times.

Nichols, who works as the school’s crossing guard, told his friend someone could “shoot up the school” in Ogden’s absence and criticized the officer for “leaving his post.” Those comments apparently unnerved a waitress at Linda Jean’s, who contacted the police to tattle on the elderly U.S. Army veteran.”


Fearful fretful woman whines to police who seize the legally-owned weapons of a patriot. His crime? Stating a truthful observation that a school cop was derelict in his duty and placing school kids at risk.

Read the article for the details. Those “red flag” laws can be used by tyrants to take control of We, the People. The end of the Founder’s creation is approaching, folks. Prepare for either servitude to your overlords or to take up arms and follow the Founders’ written advice to us of what needs done when tyranny rears its ugly head.


Elderly crossing guard’s guns seized under ‘red flag’ law after vocally worrying about school shooting – The American MirrorThe American Mirror

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