Texas Farmer Fights Muslim Takeover In EPIC Way


“In a hilarious example of protest, a Texan farmer went up against his Muslim neighbors using his pig farm.

In Katy, Texas, an Islamic group purchased 11 acres bordering Craig Baker’s 200-year-old farm. The property was intended as the site of a mega facility for the area’s Muslim residents. It featured a mosque, a learning center/school, and other living accommodations.

Baker said the feud started when the president of the Katy Islamic Association asked him to remove some of his cattle which was in close proximity to the site. He especially requested him to remove his pigs elsewhere. At a later town meeting, Kamel Fotouh denied making the request.

“That was the last straw for me… calling me a liar,” Baker said. So, he decided to take matters into his own hands by scheduling pig races each Friday evening at the call to prayer.”

1,400 years of invasion and conquest. War between the death cult and Western warriors is inevitable.


Texas Farmer Fights Muslim Takeover In EPIC Way – Conservative Daily Post


Below should be a slide show offering opinions, fact, data, truth, beliefs and other pertinent messages intended for patriot viewers.



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