A Police Officer’s View of Race – American Renaissance


“I have worked for several police departments over the years, each with different racial demographics. Patrolling neighborhoods that are largely black, an officer gets an extremely high volume of radio calls. It will be constant, and if he is not able to keep up, he will soon get burned out and seek greener pastures.

The type of calls will almost always be high-priority calls such as an armed robbery in progress, a shooting, a stabbing, or multiple thefts. A good many of the calls will be violent. That is just part of working in a black ghetto. The pace is exhausting, but not because the area has a “gun problem;” it has a black problem. No one dares admit this publicly.”

The brainwashed and indoctrinated will label the police officer writing the essay as “racist” while the free-thinkers and educated populace will declare the officer is a “realist.”

A New Dark Age awaits the USA and all of Western civilization if the current horrors continue unabated.

A Police Officer’s View of Race – American Renaissance

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