Save the USA!!!- YouTube


A constitutional republic requires a certain level of education and all-around quality of its citizens to function as a viable government. Over time the USA, thanks to diversity, multiculturalism, endless immigration form barbaric countries and cultures and other assorted reasons, is no longer a viable constitutional republic.

The quality citizens required are becoming a minority and more-so as every year passes. There are evil forces within the USA of wealth and power purposefully altering USA demographics. A divide-and-conquer scheme is being used. As the populace becomes increasing divided into bickering groups and the average intellectual level of the citizenry declines those evil forces will be able to assert increasing governmental control over the entire country.

The ongoing unholy alliance between big business and big government assists those tyrants with their evil goals. A New Dark Age awaits the USA when the common folks are mere serfs to the ruling overlords whose lofty lifestyles will make them a new form of royalty lording over a diverse, multicultural country more akin to a 2nd- or 3rd-world cesspool than a first-world country.


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