Racist Michelle Obama addresses racism in the US


“Michelle Obama spoke says when her family – and other black families – moved to the South Side of Chicago in the 1970s, white families started moving out.”

I found the link to the article at a message board where one of the commenters stated the following:

“These assholes keep claiming some fictional ‘fear’, when the reality is contempt and disgust.”

Behaviors are critical. Skin color is very minor to most folks. Folks who are aware of self and society know that the wench is spewing the proper knee-jerk rhetoric that leftist Marxists are enamored with since it assists with keeping USA society pulling apart making it easier for tyrannical elites to slither in and grab evermore wealth and power.

‘I can’t make people not afraid of black people’: Michelle Obama addresses racism in the US | Daily Mail Online


White countries let's go be oppressed immigration invasion West Western

Intended as a slur against Jewish folks I merely ignore that aspect of the graphic since it does represent reality of the ongoing invasions of all Western countries by hordes of folks outside the Western domain. If I had graphic skills and software I would remove the nose on the sign.

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