Mitzi Johanknecht won’t turn Bob’s Burgers fraudsters over to ICE


“You probably remember the report from a few weeks ago that there was a strong-armed robbery at Bob’s Burgers n’ Teriyaki in SeaTac. According to the report, the robbers tied up customers and employees, stole their money and jewelry, and sexually assaulted two of the women present.

It turns out that it was all a hoax. The reason for the hoax, according to King County Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht, was that the false reporters wanted to get U.S. visas through a federal program called the U visa. If you are here illegally and you are the victim of a violent crime, you are eligible for one of these U visas.

These illegal immigrants tried to defraud the federal visa system. They also falsely reported a crime, which is a serious crime in and of itself, because they took a dozen King County Sheriff’s Office deputies and detectives off of other real crimes to work on this fake one. Illegal immigrants who commit serious crimes are ICE’s first priority for deportation. Surely, Mitzi, you will turn these illegal immigrants over to ICE for deportation proceedings?

Wrong. She stated that there will be no federal charges for the Bob’s Burgers fraudsters, only state charges. There will be no working with ICE. There will be no turning the illegal immigrants who committed a serious crime over to federal authorities. No matter how much the public safety was compromised during the last few weeks by having a dozen officers taken away from legitimate crimes, Mitzi Johanknecht must protect illegal immigrants.”

Yet another traitor to We, the People that adores the millions of invading illegal alien barbarians.

Dori: Mitzi Johanknecht won’t turn Bob’s Burgers fraudsters over to ICE

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