Drug Zombies, Tent Cities and Medieval Diseases : The Battle for Los Angeles – YouTube



Yet another extremely complex topic affecting all the USA, not just the LA Basin. Horrors abound and they are growing. Several lengthy books are required to describe the perils facing the USA. Would a hundred books begin to cover the basics of what must be done to save the Founder’s creation?

Below is a scrawling I left at a message board. I wanted the video to appear on this blog and the outraged shout below is an extremely general expression of anger at the failure of traitors and tyrants refusing to do what must be done to save the USA.


Get a few high-ranking battlefield-tested generals together and let them determine how to end this madness. Give them and their troops total control over the fiends infesting/infecting what could be a civil society.

Deaths will occur but that is a very good thing since refuse and offal will be flushed away never to pollute society again. Those not deserving death will labor under extremely strict discipline where public hanging within the camp is ready to be used whenever needed.

Escape attempts from the labor camps is on-the-spot death.

Stay on the current path and destroy the USA. Get mean and tough and pull no punches and the USA MAY… MAY be saved. Likely some ultra-liberals who refuse to shut up may need to simply disappear from view. And Marxist and mentally ill politicians and bureaucrats will need to spend time to perhaps a lifetime in their own special labor camps where the discipline is as strict as it is for societal refuse swept off the streets.

Illegal aliens are in extremely deep shit if they do not report as ordered to debarkation centers. Military tribunals will make decisions about amnesty for the tiny percentage who can offer a good defense that supports the reason for their presence and how they have been a positive addition to USA society. Gang bangers, felons and general riff-raff have no chance. If those filth defy deportation the noose eagerly awaits them. Hang the scum in the barrios to help prod other illegals to get the fuck out of Dodge.

In general… to societal and governmental and bureaucratic and institutional and other problems are so severe that only a successful military coup and the commencement of military law throughout the USA is the only practical way to save the Founder’s creation. Stay on the current path and a dystopian future where life quality for the masses plummets is the only conceivable outcome.

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