Facebook Adores That Which Desires to Destroy the West

Facebook Islam


The following comment left at a Facebook site that wants to end the Islamic invasion of the USA and other Western countries resulted in my latest “time out.”

“People… Westerners are a more forgiving, wholesome folks than those barbarian Moslem filth. Let us allow her to return IF… she serves a life sentence at HARD-LABOR performing vital tasks such as wild-fire fighting, border wall building, sand bagging levees to prepare for expected floods and every other hard task with NO OPPORTUNITY to engage with EVIL CAIR or other anti-USA organizations or people. If she refuses… no entry you vile evil enemy of Western civilization. I wonder if this post is yet another bannable offense by Marxist Facebook?

Well, I answered my own question!!!



Facebook has a system allowing a user to appeal a time-out. For the heck of it I appealed the ban and the time-out was automatically placed on hold until a decision was made. Three days after the appeal an anonymous corporate droid ensconced within a corporate cubicle sent me a message:

” This comment goes against our Community Standards on hate speech”

Naughty me. I wrote scathing comments about the invading barbarian horde. Instead of the typical 30-day “time out” I was given a mere three-days in limbo. However, I poked the button declaring I disagreed and wanted my punishment reviewed.

“We’re reviewing your comment”

“Your comment is back on Facebook”

We’re sorry we got this wrong. We reviewed your comment again and it does follow our Community Standards.

We appreciate you taking the time to request a review. Your feedback helps us do better.”

I likely was merely lucky that the reviewer of the temporary ban was not a typical full-fledged Facebook Marxist or Mohammedan. Or both of those. Maybe there ARE a few patriots employed by Facebook. Whatever the case care must be taken to not trigger the imbeciles among us who are apparently either unconcerned about the ongoing invasion or want the invasion to continue leading to the downfall of the USA.

If given a time-out or, especially, a lengthy ban such as the ten-month sentence I was given around three-years ago (for creating a communications network via Facebook for militia units across the USA… all legal and with many patriot military veterans among the cohort) appeal the decision repeatedly. The appeal link can be hard to find (surely purposefully).

I eagerly await the day, month, year when a viable alternative to Facebook is created where patriots need not fear being time-outted or banned by traitors within a traitorous corporation.

Here is the Facebook site where patriots gather to discuss the barbarian invasion of the USA and all Western countries:

Stop Islamization of America


Facebook community standards department


Facebook prison inmate

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