Thug convicted of plotting behind bars to decapitate judge and prosecutor transferred to nation’s toughest prison

The criminal deserves his punishment. Mostly for ripping-off common folks using scam methods to grab their wealth. This blog entry is a condemnation of the legal system. I could have used tens-of-thousands or more of individuals as a lead-in for this denunciation of a legal system that needs revamping. Below is a comment I left at a message board and satisfied with my quickly-done effort decided it deserves a place residing in a blog beloved by a throng of at least one.

Why was this rip-off thug sent to the SuperMax? Because he stole wealth from common folks? NO!!! Because he was a threat to guards or other prisoners? If he was the feds and state fuckers would be spewing that reason. To this date no reason given… it was just done. Off you go, fucker. The near-solitary confinement is torture-like for many folks. Deranged fuckers such as I can handle that extreme isolation but simpleton thugs typically go bonkers in that SuperMax environment. And that is the punishment for trying to have the legal system’s beloved idols whacked. Lawyers and judges… same damn thing, simply different job titles and duties. When judges depart that job it is back to being a lawyer. Prosecutors are lawyers on the taxpayer largess. The prosecutors who want to become judges, highly-paid private practice lawyers or politicians strive to have the highest successful prosecution rate possible. They can point to that and boast at how effective they are and all-American!!!! Never is ANY mention made of how many innocent suspects were found guilty. Search the Web for the evidence indicating how often prosecutors ignore signs of innocence and use only indicators of POSSIBLE guilt to convict the defendant. Complicated shit too damn deep to cover here. The tyrannical elite-owned media NEVER covers this topic as a whole. Occasionally an individual prosecutor is mentions as being evil but it is rare. The entire legal system and its components are never delved into. The USA populace is indoctrinated to accept the scam as “… the best justice system in the world.” BULL SHIT!!!!!

At times the legal system works. Sadly, far too many times the legal system works to the advantage of connected folks, fuckers with lots of money and ALWAYS to the betterment of those garnering their wealth via the legal system. And the political system aids and abets the legal system. Is it any surprise that the most common occupation of the politicians infesting Congress is lawyer?


“The fraudster convicted of plotting behind bars to kill a federal judge and a prosecutor is serving life in the nation’s toughest prison.”

EXCLUSIVE: Thug convicted of plotting behind bars to decapitate judge and prosecutor transferred to nation’s toughest prison – New York Daily News

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