Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics (ISGP)


“ISGP is focused on researching supranational establishments, globalization, covert politics, geopolitics and conspiracy.”

Stumbled across this Web site during an image search for “White guilt.” White guilt is one of many aspects of an ongoing war against Western civilization in general and Western countries targeted individually to maximize social, civil, institutional and governmental turmoil.

Western countries are currently that greatest threat to the tyrannical elites and their army of subservient and brainwashed lackeys who are forcing a New World Order one-world-government no-borders tyranny upon us with those elites a new ruling class akin to the royalty of old existing during the European Dark Age.

Evil forces strive to bring about a New Dark Age where us commoners will be their serfs. I fear the armies of 3rd-world barbarians and the Moslem invaders will be the “police” that are allowed to use any method required to force Western people to obey the overlords; tyrants and “police” combined.

If the barbarians or Moslems want to enslave you I fear that would be acceptable to whoever has replaced Merkel, Maron, Trudeau, Soros or any of the other horde of vile evil tyrants or their lackeys lording over us masses of common folks. Obey that Somali filth or Moslem scum or die!!! And there is no penalty imposed upon the overlord’s “police.” If a barbarian lusts for your pretty young 14-year-old daughter you better tell her to obey her master in every way to avoid beatings or worse. Far worse. Infidel life will mean nothing to our overlords and their enforcement arms. Even Moslems will be required to obey the overlords, the new Royalty in their lofty palaces using technology and masses of brute brawn to ensure their ten-thousand-year overlordship remains intact.

If a city or town was to organize to fight back against the barbarian filth that are currently overwhelming parts of Europe I have no doubt that the Masters On High would order a nuclear device be used to send a very strong message to the serfs and slaves. Resist and die. No mercy.

Scoff if you will, people. Be unimaginative. Ignore thousands of years of human history. Or… observe reality and life as it exists now in Western countries. The barbarians are streaming in and our political and bureaucratic leaders are encouraging the hordes!!! Look at what the elite-owned tyrannical media did with President Trump when he tried to reduce the influx of the most dangerous, evil, filth from entering the USA. Media outlets bashed him and made Trump out to be the bad person with the barbarians to be loved, embraced and allowed to invade the USA!!! Even the legal and political systems were used to try to counter Hero Patriot Trump’s efforts to reduce the barbarian influx.

And the barbarians use every method to invade. Search the Web for reports of African and Mid-east barbarian filth trying to invade across the southern USA border. Look for it because the tyrannical anti-USA anti-Western civilization media is not warning We, the People of the threats these invading filth bring to us.

WAR!!!  Tyrants have declared WAR against the masses of common folks of the West. Vast wealth and control over corporate entities AND immense influence upon Western political processes pose more than a grave threat to our beloved Western civilization and ways of life. Total abject servitude confronts us if the war continues. The power facing us is so great that defeat is more than a possibility. If We, the People of the West do not rise up and DESTROY our enemies a ten-thousand-year or longer New Dark Age awaits us and our posterity.

I would rather die fighting and destroying the barbarians and their overlord masters than serve one-second as a slave. Reach out, patriots, for leadership of the quality of past Western heroes who rose to the occasion to save the Western world.

Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics (ISGP)

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