President might have been booed in the swamp but he was CHEERED by Army-Navy



“President Donald Trump arrived at his third Army-Navy Game to loud cheers and chants of ‘USA! USA!” Unlike the boos at the DC National game by rude swamp critters in the swamp, the President was welcomed by the military.”


The tyrannical elite-owned mainstream media is owned/operated via corporate entities that are overfilling with evil entities wanting a New World Order that would destroy countries, their borders and allow the 2nd- and 3rd-world BILLIONS to flood into the vanquished first-world countries. That would allow a one-world government that would allow those tyrannical elites to become overlords of the masses of common folks. A New Dark Age would start with common folks becoming serfs and slaves of the overlords.

Beware, patriots. Those elites have vast wealth and power and many lackeys in their pay working in prominent positions to assist their master’s desires. Many of those lackeys are traitor politicians and bureaucrats and also filthy vile scum known as celebrities in the entertainment industry.

The common folks do not have the POWERFUL VOICE the tyrant elites have. However, at events such as this football game the patriot voice is loud and elite-owned media is forced to display a patriot reality. Too often the media ignores the patriot voice.


President might have been booed in the swamp but he was CHEERED by Army-Navy

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