Teens ordered held without bond in Dunbar Village rape case


“The 35-year-old mother told police that as many as 10 males beat, raped and sodomized her over a period of three hours the night of June 18 inside her row house in the Dunbar Village public-housing complex in West Palm Beach.The woman also was sexually assaulted with a gun, a bottle and a bar of soap, according to the indictment.

The assailants beat her son, smashed a plate over his head and poured household chemicals in his eyes. They tried to force the boy to have intercourse with his mother and eventually succeeded in making the mother perform oral sex on her child.

In an apparent attempt to get rid of physical evidence, the mother was doused with chemicals. But fingerprints and a used condom were left behind, leading police to the three teens.”

Follow the link to read of the rest of the atrocities, the horrors, the sheer cruelty that the beasts committed against mother and child. Where is the tyrannical elite-owned media to spread this horror across the USA? Let a despised White person display a supposed “White power” symbol using their fingers and the outrage encompasses national, regional and local media.


Teens ordered held without bond in Dunbar Village rape case – South Florida Sun-Sentinel


quiet rage anger America USA you are not alone

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