Investigations Find No Links to ‘White Power’ Movement in Student Hand Gestures During Army-Navy Game


“But the Anti-Defamation League said the gesture, with the thumb and forefinger touched in a circle and the other fingers outstretched, has also been appropriated as a signal for white supremacy. That started as a hoax perpetuated on the online message board 4chan.

The original idea was to take an innocent and common gesture and arbitrarily transform it into something that would enrage liberals.The campaign was so successful that the gesture came to be used semi-sincerely by Neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klansmen and other white nationalists to signal sympathizers in public places.”


The numerous filth trying to destroy the USA and all Western civilization will use any minor or innocuous event to put White people and/or Western civilization in a bad light. The assaults are relentless and assisted by a tyrannical elite-owned New World Order-loving media.

Beware the forces of evil, patriots. The one-world-government loving tyrants want to lord over the masses of defeated Westerners. Their assaults include using masses of barbarians entering Western countries trying to force Islam upon us and prey upon Western people in many horrible ways.

Prepare to muster the forces of Western righteousness to repel the invading evil and send the traitors among us to the labor camps they deserve to enter.


Investigations Find No Links to ‘White Power’ Movement in Student Hand Gestures During Army-Navy Game | KTLA

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