SlantRight 2.0: The Unacceptable Cost of Refugee Resettlement

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Moslem US Army officer. Murdered 13 and maimed 30 soldiers at Ft Hood Texas shooting spree. Killing infidels is what Moslems do best!!!



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“Surely every knowledgeable American understands full well that there isn’t any universal right to migrate, and resettlement isn’t the solution to mass displacement. Our policymakers have a duty and a responsibility to make certain our nation only accepts as many refugees as can be safely scrutinized, investigated and assimilated.

More importantly, America is not obligated to resettle refugees, and the ones we do resettle, America does so from a humane perspective and in hopes that such actions will also benefit our national interests. So, to all the naive shmucks and corrupt, complicit liars out in Fly-Over-Country, who are playing a dangerous game with American lives, place your “Big Heart” on full display, but ignoring a moral and constitutional duty to place American interests and American lives above those of foreign nationals’ needs is unconscionable and treasonous, at its best.

Pressure Saudi Arabia, the United Emirates and Qatar to utilize their millions of dollars to resettle Muslim refugees in their own nations, as America works to facilitate the integration and assimilation of refugees it already has accepted, if and when such a feat is possible. Don’t let your “Big Heart” drive all common sense from between your ears, while your platitudes set the further destruction of America in motion, since the perpetrators of future Islamic terror attacks are already here: And as such, America would be most wise to, at the very least, halt any more Muslims from coming to America.”


Traitors in our midst assisting the New World Order tyrants that want to destroy the USA and all Western countries. Defy the traitors and urge patriot politicians to also defy the traitors in government, bureaucracies, organizations and associations and among the general citizenry. Observe the horrors in Europe caused by the influx of hordes of barbarians. The USA is headed in that direction.

Tyranny has risen and the Founder’s writings tell us what must be done then that occurs. Prepare, patriots.


SlantRight 2.0: The Unacceptable Cost of Refugee Resettlement

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