‘I didn’t want anything to do with him’: Hillary Clinton says Chelsea saved marriage to Bill after Lewinsky affair


“Hillary Clinton opened up about her marital struggles with Bill Clinton in an upcoming documentary about the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee.”

‘I didn’t want anything to do with him’: Hillary Clinton says Chelsea saved marriage to Bill after Lewinsky affair


The above link/topic was in a message board inhabited by common folks of the USA. Some folks up-vote and others down-vote the topic then some leave comments about the topic. Below is the comment I left at that board:


Up-vote for placing content, not agreeing with the slimy filth scum traitor bitch slut and their damn brat whose royal treatment was part of daddy’s reward by elites and corporations for proper in-office behaviors. The legal HUGE rewards proffered AFTER leaving office or bureaucratic position is how a tiny minority of USA people AND foreigners control the actions of those IN OFFICE.

All involved know how the scam works. No promises asked or given. People playing the political game know how the scam works. Behave as the overlords desire and immense wealth for self and family is guaranteed. The scam is how ghetto boy with a whore mommy and an African Negro Moslem daddy is able to buy a damn estate on high-cost Martha’s Vineyard. And the Kenyan’s vile spawn will never have to live or work among the despised commoners.

Trump is hated by the overlords and their lackeys because “the system” of rewards does not work with Trump as it did presidents of the past. Kennedy already had wealth and connections so “the system” did not work with him. He was assassinated. Any possible correlation? Perhaps the Secret Service is now so effective that the overlords have to use legal ways of attacking Trump. If Trump is not ousted legally and wins the 2020-2024 term I wonder if the elite-class overlords will call upon their lackeys to use a Kennedy method of removing a president they can not control with “the system” and get a new president that will follow the obey/reward system of elite-class command and control of the federal political system within the White House.

“The system” works at ALL governmental levels and every position, political and bureaucratic. In general, the USA political system is a HUGE scam!!! Sure, We, the People vote. But, that is also a scam, a psychological scam. The common folks actually have minimal control over all command and control systems operating all aspects of the USA. This topic is extremely complex and far beyond covering in this venue. Closing on a positive note; at least the USA political scam is a mostly benevolent one. An argument can be made that the benevolence of the elite-class overlords and their lackeys is due to the common folks possessing weaponry.

Before I go. Currently the USA military is an all-volunteer mercenary force. Yes, mercenaries. Hired warriors that feel apart from the general society. A mercenary force is more apt to fire upon civilians if ordered to do so than a conscript military created via a military draft. The masses would gripe and moan if the military draft was started again BUT… the military that system creates is much less likely to obey orders to shoot civilians than a mercenary army.

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