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A constitutional republic can not operate in a climate where thugs and brigands roam. The Founders mentioned that the citizenry must be of a certain caliber for the republic to operate as intended. Tyrants wanting to lord over the USA are forcing diversity and multiculturalism upon the USA to dilute the citizenry to the point that the Founder’s creation is no longer operative and will require the installation of tyrants to lord over a mass of rabble.


I propose that MAYBE the only way to save the USA is to oust those tyrants along with the rabble imposed upon We, the People. Currently, I fear that MAYBE the only way to oust the tyrants and rabble is via a successful military coup that operates upon a constitutional basis under a war-time footing that allows the required operations to return the USA to a working republic with quality citizenry. Once the needed task is completed a return to civilian control will occur.



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  1. Reblogged this on Disgruntled Old Coot and commented:

    Prepare, patriots. The Founder’s creation is swirling down the drain and immensely powerful forces with an elite-class behind the dangers to freedom are doing their best to force a New World Order upon We, the People.

    Prepare for any and every eventuality. We will not go down without a fight!!!


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