U.S. Census Bureau: Whites Under the Age of 16 Now a Minority in America



“New data from the U.S. Census Bureau has found that whites under the age of 16 are now a minority in America for the first time since records began. Asians had the biggest demographic growth rate at 30% over the last ten years – two thirds of that driven by international migration, while the Hispanic population grew by 20% since 2010. The black population grew by 12% over the decade.

Whites grew by just 4.3%, a deficit explained by declining white fertility and a decrease in births. Whites also have a median age of 43.7, which is by far the highest of any demographic group. Non-Hispanic whites are expected to be an overall minority in America within 25 years.”

Scoff at the data but as increasing diversity and multiculturalism tears the fabric of USA society apart the tyrannical elites that encouraged these outcomes will use their vast wealth and control of monolithic corporations and their multitude of lackey politicians and bureaucrats to take control of the USA and other Western countries.

A New World Order and its one-world government will envelope the West and the masses of common folks will be but mere serfs and slaves under totalitarian rule. A New Dark Age will arrive and the Founders’ creation will be dead and misery and despair will be the norm for the masses.

Asian and Moslem countries will resist but the technologically backwards Islamic lands can not stand against Western technology and weaponry. The Asians will be able to stay firm and I hope that they totally destroy those tyrannical elite filth that will enslave the Western countries. Hang every tyrant and lackey for all to see.

I predict that Asia will become the world rulers. I can not guess at the details. Will China lead the way or will Japan and China work together then divide the planet into spheres of command and control? Who knows.

I just hope that the Western traitor tyrants leading the West into destruction die horrible deaths.


U.S. Census Bureau: Whites Under the Age of 16 Now a Minority in America – Summit News




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