Militias, Preppers, Survivalists etc

Take precautions. A site that seems legitimate could be a method to collect names of people the authorities view as a threat. Evil groups such as Antifa or one of the vile entities loyal to their tyrannical master Soros or another evil elite-class enemy of the common folks may pose as a patriot group with evil intent against you. Always take care on the Web or anywhere in real life scenarios. I can not and do not endorse linked-to sites unless I specifically state that endorsement. I do not have the time to investigate all groups, organizations, associations, etc.


American Guard

American Identity Movement

Arizona Border Recon

Georgia Militia

Light Foot Militia

Michigan Militia Corps, Wolverines

Missouri Citizens Militia

Missouri Militia

My Militia  I am registered here

My Militia   Facebook

Patriot Front   look for links to their other Web outlets

Prepper Journal

Prepper Groups

Preppers Network News

State Guard Association of the United States

Watchmen of America

Watchmen of Kentucky